The Worst and the Dimmest

Foreign Policy

FEB 21, 2017

The wheels are falling off Donald Trump’s foreign policy, and the adults aren’t at the wheel.

Back in 2001, during the “end of history” interregnum between the Cold War and 9/11, Henry Kissinger published a book called Does America Need a Foreign Policy? It was obviously a rhetorical question coming from a master of diplomacy. But now it is a very real issue, because the United States under President Donald Trump does not actually seem to have a foreign policy. Or, to be exact, it has several foreign policies — and it is not obvious whether anyone, including the president himself, speaks for the entire administration.

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The drip drip drip of Kremlingate

Now that Trump is the victim, rather than the beneficiary, of leaks, he no longer likes them.

USA Today

FEB 20, 2017

President Trump has sacked his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, after only 24 days on the job for lying about his conversations with the Russian ambassador before the inauguration.

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Kremlingate: What did President Trump know and when did he know it?

Los Angeles Times

FEB 14, 2017

Michael Flynn’s departure as national security advisor highlights the troubling and mysterious ties between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Trump’s Big Mouth Has Already Weakened America

Foreign Policy

FEB 13, 2017

Not to mention the damage it’s doing to his own presidency.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Republicans complained, with good reason, about the Potomac River-wide gap between the president’s words and his actions — in particular about his failure to enforce the “red line” over chemical weapons use in Syria. But under Donald Trump the gap has expanded to the size of the Grand Canyon — large enough to swallow his presidency and the country’s international reputation with it.

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Worst. Start. Ever.

Foreign Policy

FEB 7, 2017

Don't blame President Bannon. There’s a simple reason Trump’s approval ratings are historically low.

To say that President Donald Trump had a bad first two weeks in office is like saying that Plan Nine from Outer Space was not a great movie.

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Trump bows to Russia again

Republicans once scorned 'moral relativism,' but now they defend it.

USA Today

FEB 6, 2017

Once upon a time, “moral relativism” — the tendency to draw comparisons between the conduct of the United States and its enemies — was the bane of American conservatives.

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