The GOP may not survive the Trump takeover

A return to Reaganite roots looks unlikely as the nominee transforms the party in his own image.

USA Today

OCT 20, 2016

Donald Trump began the final presidential debate in what was, for him, an unexpected fashion. He was subdued, spoke calmly, and sounded like a conventional Republican. He promised to oppose abortion, support the Second Amendment, and appoint Supreme Court justices who “will interpret the Constitution the way the founders wanted it interpreted.”

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Duterte’s Flip-Flop Into Bed With China Is a Disaster for the United States

Foreign Policy

OCT 20, 2016

With the Philippine president ditching Washington for Beijing, the contest to control the South China Sea just got a lot more complicated.

International relations theorists of a “realist” persuasion like to claim that states are rational actors pursuing their strategic interests in an anarchic world where power alone matters. Ideology and domestic politics do not much concern these thinkers; they believe that a nation’s foreign policy is much more likely to be shaped by factors such as geography, demography, and economics.

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The Nazi echoes in Trump's tweets

Los Angeles Times

OCT 17, 2016

On Feb. 27, 1933, a deranged young Dutch communist set fire to the German parliament, the Reichstag. The newly elected German chancellor sensed an immediate opportunity to eliminate the last freedoms of the Weimar regime in the name of public safety. “These sub-humans do not understand how the people stand at our side,” Adolf Hitler thundered. “In their mouse-holes, out of which they now want to come, of course they hear nothing of the cheering of the masses.”

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What the Hell Happened to My Republican Party?

Foreign Policy

OCT 18, 2016

The party of principled conservatism, of promoting freedom at home and abroad, has become a party of conspiracy-mongering, authoritarianism, and white power.

As a confirmed #NeverTrump conservative from day one, I should be ecstatic at the way Donald Trump’s campaign has cratered since the Oct. 7 revelation of an audiotape in which he boasted of groping women. Numerous women have now come forward to testify that this was not, as the Republican nominee claimed in the second presidential debate, an empty boast. The Real Clear Politics average has Hillary Clinton 7.0 points ahead nationally in a two-way race; a landslide is becoming increasingly likely.

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Time to get real about Russia cyber war

Trump denies, Obama delays and the media enables in the face of unprecedented attacks on U.S. democracy.

USA Today

OCT 12, 2016

Our democracy is under attack by Russia, but almost no one is treating the situation with the gravity it deserves. President Obama is loathe to retaliate. Would-be president Donald Trump denies that any attack is happening. And the media are acting as enablers for the attackers.

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Donald Trump Isn’t Campaigning to Run a Democracy

Foreign Policy

OCT 10, 2016

The Republican nominee’s rhetoric at the debate was more dictator than leader of the free world.

It was both fitting and chilling that the centerpiece of the second presidential debate was Donald Trump’s threat to imprison his opponent. That is the kind of act normally associated with autocrats like Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych (who jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in 2011), Myanmar’s military junta (which put opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest even before her party won the 1990 election), Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (who overthrew and imprisoned President Mohamed Morsi in 2013), and Russia’s Vladimir Putin (who in 2003 arrested Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a wealthy political adversary).

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